Our Processes

Tailored Contract Distilling

Fermentation, distillation, rectification

The art of fermenting and distilling grains is at the core of Athens Distillers & Co's expertise. Our diverse mashing techniques cater to a wide array of grains—be it malt, wheat, rye, or oats—both organic and non-organic. Meticulously selecting and proportioning grains is our craft, making us the ideal collaborator for professionals seeking assistance in the distillation or rectification of spirits.

Our distilling installations are tailored for grains, herbs, and fruits, reflecting a fusion of knowledge, education, and experience. From understanding raw materials to mastering the art of "cutting" spirits, we navigate diverse distillation techniques. Whether a first, second, or third distillation, our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of our associates.

Premium spirit maturation -
"Cellar Elevation"

Our high-end facilities feature two cellars—opt for the dry basement for a crisp essence or the humid cellar for a rich character. The choice of cask is crucial, and our experts source your favourite type – from cherry to oak - ensuring a personalised maturation process. Benefit from our maturation specialists' expertise, guiding you through the intricate journey to perfect your spirits.

Bottling & Packaging

We extend our expertise to encompass meticulous bottling and packaging services. Whether you bring your existing spirit to us or opt for our comprehensive contract distilling package, our commitment to precision ensures a distinguished presentation of your product.


Secure your liquid treasures with Athens Distillers & Co's reserved storage in bond service. Trust us with the safekeeping of your spirits in a controlled environment, ensuring the optimal ageing and maturation of your spirits. Our reserved storage offers a bespoke sanctuary for your creations, allowing time to impart their rich character and complexity.